Our extensive experience finding opportunities that fit your needs, writing proposals, strategic sourcing (vendors), developing cost estimates, and administering contracts from beginning to end will give your company the support it needs to maintain a strategic business development program. Whether your project is a Fixed Price, Multiple Award, Cost Plus, Cost Reimbursement, Incentive, Time and Material Contract, Forti Radici will help you identify, win, execute, get paid and grow your business. 

With your input, we can prepare the standard U.S. Government submittal documents listed below, put them in U.S.-style language and keep them within the page limitations.

  1. Technical Approach

  2. Management Approach

  3. Corporate Experience Data Sheet

  4. Past Performance Questionnaire

  5. Technical Solution

  6. Safety

  7. Energy & Sustainable Design

  8. Cost



We can provide all of the following services in a timely manner and never miss a deadline!

  1. Finding the right subcontractors for each project.

  2. Management/Administrative Assistance during offer preparation.

  3. Management of your personnel during offer preparation.

  4. Language Assistance - Translation & Interpretation of bid documents & drawings.

  5. Identification of weak & strong points in the specifications, drawings and RFP.

  6. Preparation of Pre-Proposal Inquiry (PPI) sheets with or without your input.

  7. Sorting out client priorities and requirements.

  8. Interfacing & Liaison with client to obtain information for bid offer.

  9. Consulting with your administrative, technical & financial personnel.

  10. Correspondence: e-mail, telephone, fax.

  11. Explanation and interpretation of proposal documents.

  12. Presentations to explain how U.S. Government contracts are conducted.

  13. Putting your English documents in understandable, U.S. style “telegraphic” language.

  14. Creation of meaningful tables and summaries.

  15. Assistance during negotiations.